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Bamboo Airways “secret weapon” to “take down” passengers’ heart

Bamboo Airways “secret weapon” to “take down” passengers’ heart

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When nearly 200 passengers all simultaneously gave a round of applause, something interesting must have happened. The thundering ovation of gratitude from the passengers on our flight from Okinawa to Vietnam originated from these very small but unique details:

  • We’ve arrived at Cam Ranh Bay everyone!
  • We’re gradually descending, if you look to your right, you’ll see the beautiful twinkling lights of the lovely Vung Tau City” …

The Captain spoke with such enthusiasm and jocularity when announcing the itinerary, making everyone pleasantly surprised. Although you couldn’t sit next to him or see his face, the sheer joy and inspiration in his voice made the long trip seemingly so short by directing the passengers’ fascination down to the vivid, bustling city below.

Along with the delightful meals and the bright friendly smiles of our ambassadors, the messages of our Captain are as sweet as the cherry on top to complete the flight experience. This adorableness is our “secret weapon” capable of “shooting down” the hearts of even the most difficult customers.

Come to Bamboo Airways the first time because you’re excited and curious

Come to Bamboo Airways the second time because we offer superior quality and safety

Come to Bamboo Airways again and again, because YOU LOVE US 💚

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