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With only VND 9,8 million, Bamboo Pass Unlimited will help you fly everywhere from now to 28/10/2020 without money worry, even during the high season. You can turn it into a loving gift for your relatives, friends, and partners on special occasions.

If you are interested in flying limitlessly with VND 0 tickets, let’s check out more details with some Q&A below:

  1. Can I take 100 flights within 1 month?
    👉 The Unlimited card gives you an UNLIMITED number of flights until the end of 28/10/2020.
  2. Can I use this card to book a flight ticket for the other persons?
    👉 This card is only used for the card owner.
  3. Does the price (VND 9,8 million) include VAT?
    👉 The price VND 9,8 million of UNLIMITED card is exclusive of VAT, taxes, and fees.
  4. How can I book tickets for my relatives, friends or my partners?
    👉 Choose UNLIMITED as a gift for your relatives, friends, and partners and fill their name on the Card Holder’s position.
  5. The card is applied for Bamboo Plus. Can the card owner upgrade the class?
    👉 Customers can upgrade to the Business class with the preferential fees at Bamboo Airways’ ticket counter at the airport.
  6. Does this card allow for the itinerary change?
    👉 Customers can change the travel itinerary by booking the new tickets. Besides, the card owner can change the flight time and date based on the Bamboo Plus policy.
  7. How can I use the gift-voucher VND 9,6 million for the 3-day-2-night-stay in FLC resorts?
    👉 To use this gift voucher, you need to make reservations at least 3 – 7 days prior to your booking, 30 days before during Tet and holiday, depending on the resort’s capacity. The voucher is applied for the card owner or another one. Voucher is transferable, non-refundable, and for single use only.

Enjoy fun with our UNLIMITED!

✅ For more details, contact Hotline 0867620064/0865308850 or Email: giftvouchers@bambooairways.com.

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