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Being flight attendant – Pressure hehind the smiles

Being flight attendant – Pressure hehind the smiles

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Please, do not think being flight attendants are carefree …

For them, every flight is an adventure where they have to face countless challenges and pressure.

It is when: doing non-stop jobs, from serving food and newspapers, to assist passengers in need of special care like children and the elderly

Dealing with the fast-forward rotation in which they only have 30 minutes to prepare for the next flight.

Waking up early, staying up late, serving on long journeys from hot to freezing cold places.

On the New Year’s Eve flights, they have to suppress the nostalgia with the family to share the happiness on the 9th cloud with passengers.

When incidents occur, instead of protecting themselves, they protect passengers and assist them to escape first. Only when there are no passengers on the plane, do they hurry to get out.

For flight attendants, regardless of the circumstances, the smile is always a permanent thing, for it seems to be the mental medicine to help passengers have peace of mind throughout the journey.

So if at any time, they accidentally bother you, please sympathize, because behind the smile is so much unnamed pressure.

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