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Charter Flight Promotion rates starting at VND 35 million/per flight hour

Charter Flight Promotion rates starting at VND 35 million/per flight hour

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To accommodate special travel needs, from now through Sept 30, 2020, Hai Au Aviation is pleased to offer promotional charter rates starting at VND 35 million / per flight hour. Charter passengers enjoy the following special benefits:

– Completely private plane for just you and your family

– Select your flight route from dozens of possibilities

1. Maximum number of passengers per flight: 10 people including all accompanying luggage

2. Applicable destinations cover 17 provinces and cities across Vietnam. Flight duration is presented below.

Destination (A to B)TypeFlight duration (in hours)
HANOI – HALONGAirport – Water0.8
HANOI – HAI PHONGAirport – Airport0.8
HANOI – THANH HOAAirport – Airport0.8
HANOI – VINHAirport – Airport1.2
HANOI – DONG HOIAirport – Airport1.9
HANOI- HUEAirport – Airport2.6
HANOI – DA NANGAirport – Airport2.9
HAI PHONG – THANH HOAAirport – Airport0.8
HAI PHONG – VINHAirport – Airport1.2
HAI PHONG – DONG HOIAirport – Airport2.0
HAI PHONG – HUEAirport – Airport2.6
HAI PHONG – DA NANGAirport – Airport2.9
DANANG – DONG HOIAirport – Airport1.2
DONG HOI – HANOIAirport – Airport1.9
CAN THO – PHU QUOCAirport – Airport0.6
CAN THO – CON DAOAirport – Airport0.8
SAI GON – CAN THOAirport – Airport0.6
SAI GON – RACH GIAAirport – Airport0.8
SAI GON – PHU QUOCAirport – Airport1.3
SAI GON – CA MAUAirport – Airport1.0
SAI GON – CAM RANHAirport – Airport1.4
SAI GON – TUY HOAAirport – Airport1.9
SAI GON – QUY NHONAirport – Airport2.3
SAI GON – CHU LAIAirport – Airport2.8
SAI GON – DA NANGAirport – Airport3.1
SAI GON – CON DAOAirport – Airport1.0
(Please note: Above list for reference purposes only)

3. Cost per flight hour: VND 35,000,000 / flight hour / flight (Approximately USD 1,500 / flight hour / flight)

 Above rate applies for guests wishing to fly from Destination A to Destination B. Return flights (from Destination B to Destination A) within the same day are costed at 50% of outbound flight.

4. Repositioning fee: VND 11,000,000 / repositioning flight hour / repositioning flight (Approximately USD 470 / repositioning flight hour / repositioning flight)

 Repositioning fee applies only to guests wishing to fly from Destination B to Destination A.

For direct booking, please call: +84 (0) 936 784 494

Or email us at booking@taubay.vn

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