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Do you know how to pack like a pro before your fly

Do you know how to pack like a pro before your fly

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You’re an experienced traveler so you can recite by heart the baggage allowance for each fare class. But then there are important checked baggage requirements of airlines if go unnoticed might cause inconveniences that affect your entire journey. Let’s repeat 4 steps of protecting your baggage with us:

Pack carefully according to these requirements:

  • Baggage shape is complete, not broken or deformed.
  • Baggage surface is intact, without any tearing or puncture.
  • Baggage is not packed too tight to avoid tearing in transit.
  • For baggage with zipper: zippers must be closed, handles must be retracted.
  • For baggage with secure strings: strings must be tied neatly to minimize the possibility of being stuck in the conveyor belt, causing damage to the baggage in transit.
  • If baggage is a suitcase, suitcase covers or plastic wrap service at the airport are recommended to prevent scratching.

Write your full name, flight number, and phone number on the nametag distributed at check-in counters.

In the following cases, you must sign the Waiver of Liability form before checking in your baggage:

  • Baggage containing easily damaged items
  • Baggage improperly packaged
  • Baggage is an easily damaged item
  • Baggage with broken handles
  • Baggage with broken wheels
  • Baggage with torn secure strings
  • Baggage that is cracked or flattened
  • Baggage with tearing
  • Suitcase that is dented
  • Baggage with broken bottoms (bags or suitcases)
  • Baggage that is wet
  • Baggage of passengers late for check-in
  • Baggage not accepted in the cabin

After a thorough examination by our ground staff at the check-in counter, you should sign a Waiver of Liability form if your baggage shows signs of damage before check-in or is not suitable for transit as checked baggage.

For an enjoyable trip with precious items in your belongings, don’t forget to “pamper” your baggage before the flight!!!

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