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Flight attendants – Who are they?

Flight attendants – Who are they?

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“Mond Ortiz, President and Co-founder of Flyhigh Manila used to say: “To become a flight attendant is not for weaklings, it is for brave souls, born to be heroes, always ready to sacrifice their own souls for others.”

Mond Ortiz’s words were corroborated by Maxim Moiseev – the heroic attendant of Aeroflot on last May 5. He sacrificed to protect the lives of passengers stuck on the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft.

Then, flight attendants, who are they?

This question seems to have a simple answer for many: a flight attendant is a person who serves food and drinks on the plane as well as assists with other inflight requests.

Not wrong, this used to be my thought too when I hadn’t come in contact with this profession. But attendants aren’t just “servers” in the air, they’re so much more than that. They participate in ensuring the safety, health, and lives of the passengers – what we, Bamboo Airways attendants, consider our Grand Mission.

To become a true flight attendant, we have to go through strenuous months-long classes preparing us for basic flight safety, fire-fighting, first-aid, aviation security, dangerous goods, and especially emergency escape skills.

In an emergency exit, to protect the lives of passengers, each action of an attendant is calculated to the second. We are trained night and day to shorten each of those seconds. Whenever the exits close, we – those who first board the plane – will be the last to leave the plane.

For those reasons, our beloved passengers, please don’t take for granted our reminders: Please fasten your seatbelt, make sure your seat back and folding trays are in upright position, open the window shades, and turn off your electronic devices… If there is an emergency, please remain calm and follow the instructions of attendants, leave all your belongings so everyone can escape safely.”

Overwhelming emotions about the sacrifice of our hero Maxim Moiseev!

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