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Have you ever tried flying at night with Bamboo Airways

Have you ever tried flying at night with Bamboo Airways

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I often feel myself drawn to the sparkling city lights when my nighttime Bamboo Airways flights descend.

Rigid blocks of streets under the scorching sun of the day are replaced by myriad beam of light radiating out from buildings, vehicles, and street lights stretching to the horizon.

Vivid and charming is also what one may think of the nightlife around Vietnam, which can create memories to treasure.

As you pass:

Busy night stands in Ho Chi Minh City. Noisy bars in Hanoi. Quiet corners of Hoi An …

You may be reminded of:

Friends and friendship on a weekend evening spent at one of your favorite spots. Moments of letting yourself go amid lively music, or finding moments of mystery or secret beauty in cities’ old quarters …

Bamboo Airways and its night flights are ready to join you in experiencing emotional, unforgettable, and beautiful memories.

Chairman, General Director of Bamboo Airways – Trịnh Văn Quyết.

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