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Policy to support customer of Bamboo Airways having flights affected by covid-19

Policy to support customer of Bamboo Airways having flights affected by covid-19

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Bamboo Airways would like to inform customers the policy of SUPPORTING CUSTOMERS DURING COVID 19 PERIOD for changed flights (delayed/canceled) as follows:

  1. Support to change flight schedule 01 time for free.
  2. Apply creditshell refund policy to pay for tickets later. Credit shell is valid for 12 months from the date of completion.
  3. Refund: Refund the full value of the ticket that passengers have not used. Refund period is 90 days from the date of receipt of the refund request.


  • This policy does not apply to tickets that have changed itinerary within 48 hours from the expected departure date;
  • The policy applies to tickets with departure dates from March 16, 2020 until further notice from Bamboo Airways.
  • This policy applies to flights that are delayed, and there are no replacement flights within 04 hours as follows:
  • Flights departing 15 minutes to less than 02 hours sooner or later: Refund and itinerary change is not applicable. However, it’s possible to change the schedule.
  • Flights departing from 2 hours to under 04 hours sooner or later: refund is not applied but passengers can change either schedule or itinerary.
  • Flights departing over 4 hours sooner or later; Flights canceled without replacement one within 04 hours: refund, schedule or itinerary change is applicable.

To get support, please contact Call Center via hotline: 19001166 or email: 19001166@bambooairways.com.

In the current period, due to serving the large number of Bamboo Airways’ customer requirements, the Call Center cannot avoid shortcomings. We do hope to have your understanding with Bamboo Airways. We will support and answer all of your requests in the shortest time.

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