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The Angel who wore Barcelone shirt on the flight QH1401

The Angel who wore Barcelone shirt on the flight QH1401

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On 23 October 2019, the flight QH1401 departed from Hanoi to Buon Me Thuot at 14:45. Everything went on smoothly until one female passenger around 17 seat area started seizing at 15:40. Many passengers became stirred up. Flight attendants quickly came to 17 seat area to help.

Then, he showed up with his doctor ID card and joined to cure the patient. Receiving the emergency kit and medicine from flight attendants, he used the medical treatment combining medicines and acupressure.

The surrounding people were relieved when the patient showed some signs of recovery after breathing through oxygen tank.

At 16:25, the plane landed at Buon Me Thuot airport sooner than planned. The ambulance waited nearby the arrival hall. Bamboo Airways’ ground representative came on-board and received the patient.
When flight attendant hold patients to leave the airplane, the adorable doctor also left his suitcase on-board and quickly come with Bamboo Airways’ representative to take the patient to the hospital. On the ambulance, he continued to use acupressure for the patient.

Only when the patient received hospital’s first-aid treatments and her health condition improved at 16:42, did this doctor come back to the airport to take his suitcase with Bamboo Airways’ representative.

Bamboo Airways would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to you – The angel who wore Barcelona shirt on flight QH1401 on 13/10/2019. We are pleased to welcome you on-board and serve you again!

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