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The inspiring boy

The inspiring boy

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The inspirator is not always a great man, is it? For me, the inspirator is the little Korean boy that I am lucky to meet two times on 2 different flights.

At 05:00 (Korean time) on 17/11/2019, in Incheon airport before the departure time, I was attracted by the 4-year-old boy with a special appearance in the beautiful pilot uniform. Flying with parents since the early time, the other normal boys may fall into sleep under parents’ arms but this boy stayed “cool” and “professional”.

At that time, my mind is dominated by one thought: I have to take photo with this little pilot. Fortunately, as soon as I started the conversation, the little boy stood professionally to take photo with the “fan”. Giving my hat to this little boy and seeing his serious attitude built my belief that this boy will be a talent pilot flying in the sky with the burning passion. Surprisingly, when saying goodbye to this little pilot, I saw his boarding pass as Bamboo Airways’ passenger on QH492 flight. Then, I had pleasure to fly with this cute little boy.

This is a truly destined meeting. At 21:55 (Vietnam’s time) on 19/11, I met this boy again on the check-in counter for the flight QH492 from Cam Ranh – Incheon. He still wore his full pilot uniform again, but he was just smiling and hid under his parents legs while looking at me.

I wrote email to his father and received a surprising reply: “I wanted to inspire my son about the aviation and you guys were the best inspiration to him”. It turned out that this father had been also working as a helicopter pilot in Republic of Korea Army. Father’s passion seem to spread into the little boy’s hobbies and evokes his inspiration for the sky. That’s why he chose to wear the pilot uniform instead of spiderman or superman shirts.

Joining Bamboo Airways’ crew since the beginning months of 2019, and all i can say is that Joining Bamboo Airways is one of the best decisions i have ever made. The sweet meeting with the little pilot strengthens the pride with my decision. I am looking forward to meeting him again not only as a passenger but also as a crew member sharing our love for aviation together.

First Officer: Jireh Estrella

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