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We miss our passengers like pilots miss the sky, the fisherman cannot stop thinking about the blue sea or the artists yearn for the stages. When living slowly, this longing gets worse. When we are assigned to fly and take care of passengers, our happiness blossoms just like the early days being a flight attendant.

At the age of 17, I joined the model world. I feel like fish in the sea, I walk on the colorful stage with joy and freedom. My first dream came true naturally. My career trained me to become more confident and show the world who I am. 6 years as a model gave me time to nurture my biggest dream.

At the age of 23, the most beautiful time of a model, I decided to follow the bigger dream: flying in the sky! I cherished this dream when I am still young, on my first trips with my parents. The flight attendants in my past looked like the sparkling stars, sharing the great warmth for passengers on the cloud nine.

I came to Bamboo Airways, not only because of fate but also … love. I love how I am trained by the heart-warming teachers and seniors in the lovely green home.

Putting our hands on the heart and bowing are my favorite actions. When we put our hands on our chest, we can not only listen to our happy heartbeats when serving passengers onboard, but also commit to delivering the best service with attentiveness.

April came when covid was still active, I was assigned to become one of 3 youngest members in the 18-people-cabin crew to carry out the humanitarian flight which brought European citizens to Lithuania. I appreciate everything from the moments when I received the news to the end of our 23-hour-round-trip flight. Flying side by side with my teachers, my experienced seniors to serve passengers on this flight is my big honor. For my whole life, I will never forget the applause of 200 passengers when we said goodbye to them, when I was Bamboo Airways’ flight attendant.

Now I am staying at home, waiting to fly, missing and sending lots of love to my Bamboo Airways.

Keep your dreams alive, fly with Bamboo Airways, the vast sky is in front of us.

Nguyen Duy Anh – Bamboo Airways’ flight attendant.

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