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Tips for flying with a baby

Tips for flying with a baby

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Set plan for flight

You should determine your travel date and purchase air ticket as soon as possible, so you can get a good price and more choices. Infants under 2 years old just were have to pay 10% the ticket price or get free without seat depend on each airlines policy. With more than 5 hours- lasting – flights, you should fly at night to make use of sleeping. You also can prior request Bassinet Service to have one for baby with night flights.

Prepare necessary items

Let carry baby stroller because it is not listed as luggage. The flight attendants will help you hold it and it will be given to you back when the plane lands or it will be collected baggage claim conveyor with other luggage.

You also can bring baby carrier instead for easy moving and remember take baby in front of you.

Prepare suitable bag/ suitcase to put necessary items for baby and mom in briefness suggested as follow so you are not abashed when baby cries on plane because of changed the atmospheric pressure changes:

  • Milk bottle, Bowl
  • Milk Powder, cereals, food for baby, fruits, small water bottle
  • Medicine for baby, nasal aspirator, eye drop, lotion
  • Diapers, towel
  • Blanket for baby, coat
  • Nipple, toys
  • Baby carrier
  • Mom’s items: coat, scarf,

You should have a handy bag to put Wallet, Credit card, Passport, Air ticket, Identify card and Birth certification.

If you have an infant, you are allowed to bring incomplete milk bottle and water but it may be checked at some airports. Besides, you also have priority to board earlier than others.

Take off and Landing

When the plane take off/land, you must hug baby and fasten seatbelt for both mom and baby (mom will be lead how to use seatbelt for baby). Because in this time the atmospheric pressure changes suddenly could make baby tinnitus. In order to reduce that, you should breastfeed baby if you are still breastfeeding 100%. When baby is wearing seatbelt, you mustn’t hug her; you can let her lie down but you shouldn’t open the seatbelt (should be always fasten seatbelt). If baby has just eaten or no breastfeed, let her drink water. Swallow action help baby balance pressure and avoid tinnitus. If baby sleeps, you just need cover her ears. So baby doesn’t be affected by atmospheric pressure.

When the plane has high stability, the bassinet is set up for baby habituate to it. And now, you can lay baby with blanket and toys into the bassinet then enjoy your flight.

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