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Useful tips for your flight

Useful tips for your flight

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Print out your air ticket with necessary information, and also save one in your hand phone or email so that you can easily get back your information if it be lost.

When you prepare your suitcase, let roll your clothes in order to save space and to help your clothes not be rumpled. Besides, breakable items also should be covered by clothes.

With small clothes such as socks, underwear or swim suit, let roll and put them into the shoes, that can help save space and not crush your shoes.

Paper box, plastic box should not be taken, just take the items inside to save the space of your suitcase.

Use plastic zip- lock bags to hold personal belongings such as shower gel, shampoo, cosmetic… to prevent them from being effused in to other items. And you should put them at where easy reaching in case of security check.

Put in your hand baggage one or two suits and some of your necessary items to avoid having nothing if your luggage be lost. Moreover, you should bring a thin coat to keep warm when the temperature on airplane is low.

You should have a small bag which can hold your necessary documents: passport, air ticket, phone, wallet, backup battery, earphone…

Finally, you need prepare amount of VND and foreign currency to pay entrance fees or use at the departure lounge.

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