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Waiting is happiness

Waiting is happiness

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Being on the airplane, you do not mind taking few steps back, to give more space for the other passengers.

You think that your action is just a basic rule of etiquette. But you know, it can lighten that passenger up.

Being on the airplane, you help the elderly to put baggage in the right place and may think this is not so important. But you know, that elderly may be strongly moved.

When you are taking rest during the flight, some children suddenly cries out, the other kids are so noisy and loud. But you still quietly comfort and hold their parents’ hands. You may not know that these parents can feel relaxed when receiving such kind behavior from a sympathetic person like you.

You do not find it difficult when letting the pregnant passengers use lavatory before you. You even say it tenderly: She is pregnant, waiting for a long time may make her legs cramp. Your behavior does touch the heart of that woman.

When you hear that your flight has some changes due to objective reasons, you may feel annoying, because you have so many tasks to do. But it would be better if you can change your mindset, think positively that these flight changes are carried out to ensure the utmost safety for both you and all the crew. As one passenger said that: No Airline wants to delay flights, because canceled flights can double their operation costs.

Patiently waiting for a little bit, you do give the sparkling happiness to a lot of people. In case you have to wait for a long time, even time after time, please kindly do not think negatively. Your waiting time can pave the path for safety for you and all your flight companions!

For Bamboo Airways, meticulous preparation and highest safety for our beloved passengers in every mile are our true HAPPINESS!

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