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When pregnant moms love to fly

When pregnant moms love to fly

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Hey baby, do you know of anyone like your mom, already pregnant but still wants to fly everywhere with you? Despite the extra weight, mom wants to relax and make baby happy by travelling to places with beautiful sceneries, fresh air, and breathtaking sunsets where the water meets the sky. Mom believes that by doing so, baby will receive strong energies from her and feel the love from this outside world

But mom, you must keep yourself healthy! When flying, air pressure decline will make your blood circulation change and you’ll be so tired! Moreover, sitting still for too long may give you leg and back pain. Whenever the seatbelt sign turns green, please stand up and walk around to feel better, okay mom?

I’ve got it, lovely baby! You rest assured as mom has carefully prepared for our flight:

  • First, always bring pregnancy medical records, issued within 7 days of the first flight, to verify gestational age. Without these important papers, mother and baby won’t be allowed to board.
  • Second, prepare a good mental state, choose a comfortable seat next to the aisle to move easily and not bother others.
  • Third, ask for a doctor’s prescription for medications preventing uterus contractions and have them at hand at all times.

Is my baby assured now?

Yes mom, let’s set off and fly!!!!!

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