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You have been working so hard

You have been working so hard

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This last sentence in the letter to Bamboo Airways is so precious for us.

What do you think if you know that the sender is a record holder, a Doctor of philosophy in marriage and family? She is so great that we are pleased to serve her and other passengers onboard.

What do you think when you see the careful handwriting to Bamboo Airways? It’s happiness.

Let us share with you the loving words from the record holder, a Doctor of philosophy in marriage and family Ha Anh, to demonstrate the fact that: What comes from the heart will touch the hearts!

“I am convinced right the first time I met Bamboo Airways. I usually traveled around 3 regions by airplane. I chose Bamboo Airways for some reasons below:

♥ New and clean
♥ The friendliness and attentiveness of the flight attendants
♥ The affordable price, even with Bamboo Business
♥ The take-off and landing are smooth
♥ Being always on-time

It is not easy to achieve these standards, it requires great vision and solidarity, high commitment to bring the excellent service from the founders to each department, each individual.

Amongst the challenges is a new product with the appearance of Corona, you must have to deal with difficulties. Let me send the best blessings to Bamboo Airways, wish you lots of health, wisdom, and persistence to reach out to the sun, where provides us the love and life.

You have been working so hard!

Sincerely thanks!

Vera Ha Anh

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